Who is Josh Hart off the track?

  He is Self Made, a family man, an entrepreneur and a man of his word. He doesn't give up, loyalty is his number one standard. He's worked hard to get where he is, he has built his business from the ground up with his wife Brittanie. Staying Humble attributes to his success. He knows the efforts it takes to achieve your goals and will work as hard as he needs to, to be able to obtain those dreams. 


Joshua Hart

  The Magicians behind the Car....

  • Ron Douglas - Crew Chief

  • Dave Gaterell - Lead Technician

  • Doug Wilson - Tires, Crew Coordinator

  • Phil Hartman - Superchargers

  • Chris McNicol - Left Side Cylinder Head

  • Matt Madden - Right Side Cylinder Head

  • Scott Seising - Bottom End

  • John Ferguson - Clutch: Lead

  • Jason Van - Clutch: Assistant

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